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2Es 1Z Review

2Es 1Z by Charlee Beatz is a cutting-edge hip-hop album with brilliant use of synths and smooth rhythms from start to finish. What shines throughout the album is the creative production.

The intro uses the sounds of birds scattering to lend weight to the heavy sci-fi synth the track introduces. It reminded me of the moment in an alien film where the monolith appears in our atmosphere. This feels like a creative way to lend the rest of the album a sense of gravitas, built upon that initial blast from the intro.

33 further builds that sound with a really interesting contrast. Using a high register synth with a shiny timbre that contrasts a deep and robotic-sounding vocal, the track creates an immediate juxtaposition that keeps the listener hooked and develops a diverse sonic landscape within the first twenty seconds.

Another great track on the EP is Shock Drop. This time the song shows off a real understanding of rhythm, with plenty of fills, a deep bass, and a robotic snare; it would be easy for this piece to come across as overwhelming. However, using careful and well-thought-out production, the song tames that sound into this organised chaos that you want to nod your head to.

Sum New is another excellent track, this time incorporating some traditional piano playing into the mix. These techniques, combined with the hip-hop styling of the backing track, are something new for the album. The fact that Charlee Beatz can get such wide-ranging musical elements to work cohesively together is a testament to his production skills and experience.

None Like You brings a different vibe. While still having that pulsating rhythm, in the melody it develops this melancholy. To me, the dull ache of the layers of synths feels like a moment of introspection amidst the vibrancy of the other tracks in the album, making it one of my personal favourites.

This album is well thought out from beginning to end. Offering rhythms you have to nod your head to, creative production techniques and a variety of different emotional energies throughout, 2Es 1Z is a bold hip-hop album that showcases the ability of the excellent producer who created it.


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