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A View From The End of A Dream Review

A View From The End of A Dream is one of the best-named tracks I’ve listened to. The mix of the psychedelic instrumental and esoteric lyrics, created by In Plain Air, feels exactly like the moment a dream fades. You can feel the track drifting in and out of reality, fusing this complex dreamscape with elements of nature peeking through. 

The track speaks to the artist’s home in Colorado. It conveys the icy breeze of the frigid winters and the arid sunbleached streets that define its bold seasons. Something about the spaced-out guitar manages to capture these two contrasting sentiments through its ease and emotional dexterity.

The track utilises beautiful harmonies that stay consistent from beginning to end. They help the voice feel like this guiding light, floating through the composition with gravitas and confidence, created by the unity of voices. It also allows for a  sense of diversity in the mix. The harmonies explore the low and high registers of the melody, expanding the sonic landscape of the song and creating a rich depth that adds to their emotional impact.

The lyrics, to me, created a vibe instead of telling a specific linear narrative. There is a definite emphasis on the natural and the unnatural, built by lines about the sea and sky contrasted with lines about mannequins. This felt like the difference between the innocence of a dream slipping behind the facade of our waking persona. 

The lead guitar follows the melody with a sway that lends it a gentle rhythm. It helps punctuate the softness of the vocals while backing up their position in the mix. Their twang is contrasted by the hiss of the shakers, used for the rhythm. They work in conjunction with the drums to give the percussion a nuanced and complex connection with the sensitive and enigmatic flow of the track. A bright, bold, and assertive drum beat would have felt out of place here. 

Overall, A View From A Dream has made all of the correct decisions to build a vibrant and thriving soundscape that connects to the energy of the lyrics.


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