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About Love Review

About Love by ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS feels like an introspective look at the past, not only at relationships that have been and gone but also at moments that could have happened.

The song spends a lot of time dwelling on the hypothetical. The track elicits an aching, raw pain in regretting past inaction.

From the brief glimpses of memories we do get, there is a sense of disorder and confusion. Opening with a verse about the cleanup of a heavy night of drinking, we get the feeling that our singer is returning to reality “The chill knocks on the window” as if they didn’t feel the cold all night with the warmth of the alcohol and exciting spirit of the moment. In this brief morning mix of haziness and lucidity, the track lays its foundation for a contemplative look at love over a lifetime.

About Love uses layers of electric guitars with very different timbres. These different juxtaposing registers make up the foundation of the melody. I love the lead guitar’s riffs and embellishments. It follows the vocals, adding emphasis, especially in the chorus. The baseline also underscores the melody and the rhythm, allowing the other musical attributes to dance around it. The guitar and bass use heavy reverb that matches this spaced-out feeling elicited in the lyrics about the morning after a party. You get the feeling the guitar is staggering around, nursing a hangover like the singer.

The drums build at points, adding tension, especially around the start of the chorus. They complement the nuances of the delivery by giving the vocals energy at the high points and space at the low ones. The line “I never dared to kiss you” was delivered very well. It underscores the sense of the potent regret at the core of the song’s message.

About Love feels genuine in its emotion and perspective from beginning to end. There is a sense of catharsis and relatability in ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS’ portrayal of regret that feels deeply personal but also universal.


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