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All I Die For Review

All I Die For by SWIIMS is an alt rock shoegaze track about a new relationship. Covering how your life changes in terms of losing control, feeling intense hopes and fears but also how you change yourself to appeal to that person. It explores these complex emotions through a subdued and enigmatic alt rock instrumentation.

Starting with this deep, pulsating electronic sound, the mix opens out with layers of guitars working with a subtle vocal, immediately beginning delving into the narrative of the song. I specifically like how the different guitar layers bounce off each other. The strumming sets the melody up and helps establish the beat as well with its rhythmic delivery. The lead guitar performance delicately weaves between the strumming, providing a sense of diversity in timbre and pitch right from the get go. It also adds a complexity to the sonic tapestry, allowing the listener to explore the rich melody more thoroughly. Around the guitars we hear the hiss and crunch of the distorted drums. This is a really nice touch that fits in the shoegaze style the track establishes while also adding a pace to the composition that doesn’t distract from the introspective and sensitive themes explored.

I like how the lyrics use the concepts of breaking down and simplifying oneself in order to become more palatable and understandable to a new person in your life. The mix of these themes with the melancholic delivery creates this sense that although the singer is aware that they are doing it, they don’t like it. There is a shame in the expression of bending yourself into your partner's expectations that's explored through the relationship between the lyrics and the delivery.

In the chorus the track employs this gorgeous synth arrangement which provides further depth and exploration of the song’s sonic texture while also working as a counter rhythm that accentuates the vocal register of the singer by contrast. It’s a clever technique and a brilliant example of the excellent and subtle production that ties this track together.

This track is a combination of excellent writing and thoughtful production that creates an irresistible package that deserves a spot on your playlist.


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