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Art Therapy, Pt. 3 Review

Art Therapy, Pt. 3 by VIDPOET is a hip-hop adventure highlighting dexterous lyricism, silky smooth flows, and a variety of sonic influences.

The EP opens with Microwave Burrito, a track that immediately hits with a lyrical onslaught that switches between the narrative and stylised flow. I like how down-to-earth and personal the narrative feels. It goes through parts of the protagonist's daily routine like taking his daughter to the movies. With references to Golden Eye and Smash Bros, the track does an excellent job of feeling nostalgic and current at the same time. I think part of that is its honest style. It feels true to itself which makes it timeless. The beat has these gorgeous blown-out drums that give the track a distorted low end, creating a sense of edge. The high register beats lend the track a diverse sonic landscape that adds to its appeal.

Spacey tries a different style. It has a futuristic beat, created by layers of synths, but the most significant change is the vocal delivery. It utilises heavy auto tune which gives the track a unique and laid-back vibe. Although I appreciate the unique genre mix, these creative choices felt like they dampened some of the lyrical delivery compared to what we’ve heard on previous tracks.

Present the Vid Humbly is brilliant. It has this bouncy, playful style built by the layers of instrumentation. The reggae influences are clear. The syncopated guitar interacts with the drums, adding to this sense of rhythm at the core of the track's personality. The other guitars have these high register runs which juxtapose the vocals and add further energy to the song. The lyrics lose some of that aggression and punch that defined Microwave burrito but instead, opt for a gentle confidence that makes the wordplay hit even harder. I specifically like the double meaning of the Kill Bill line, referencing pop culture like other tracks on the album.

Art Therapy, Pt.3 shoots from the hip and hits with its charismatic and articulate delivery. I’m excited to see what VIDPOET does next.

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