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Be My Baby By Christmas Night Review

With Christmas right around the corner, it is the perfect time to indulge in a fun winter anthem that warm up the cold. REHYA STEVENS’ Be My Baby By Christmas Night is what the doctor ordered. It's a song about wanting love at Christmas, exploring heartache, and hoping for reconnection in this magical season.

Stevens' vocals shine from beginning to end. She has this mix of confidence and vulnerability that sells the positive Christmas energy without providing so much joy that the heartache feels false. I like the use of ad-libs and vocal harmonies throughout. They create this sense of a choir, a classic Christmas staple. They also make you want to sing along from the first listen. The way her voice ebbs and flows throughout the track shows her skill. She manages the technical aspects of singing - range and breath control flawlessly. Her performance feels effortless yet meticulously designed at the same time. Her delivery oozes emotion and passion, adding conviction to the lyrics and supporting the other melodic components, leading them through the back and forths of the track.

The instrumental has a very traditional Christmas sound. It uses that foundation to build a fun Christmas melody out of the shiny timbre of the bells and the beautiful, high-register trills on the piano. The drums are another subtle component that adds to the energy. They work seamlessly with the piano part, providing a rhythmic structure for the other instruments to dance around. The rising and falling within the melody creates this back and forth over the line: “Hoping you miss me too, won’t you make my dreams come true” that builds on to the sense of heartache.

The warmth and enthusiasm present in this Christmas anthem impressed me. The balance between the joy of the instrumental and melancholy of the lyrics is a beautiful dissonance I can always get behind. Their seamless mix makes this track you shouldn't miss.


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