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Better Life

Better Life by SamBox is a compelling and intricately crafted ambient electronic track that uses m avant-garde techniques to elevate its sound into something emotionally rich that also makes you want to nod your head to the beat.

Opening with a simple pulsating synth, the composition’s slow start shows an understanding of how to build tension and also a respect for their listener, understanding their patience and allowing their intrigue to grow gradually.

As the track goes on, the introduction of the shakers adds the first drops of this textured rhythm which comes through more in the second half of the track. It later develops this counter rhythm with a deeper register and more robotic timbre. This does a nice job of contrasting the shakers used in the earlier parts of the composition while also evolving a more complex rhythm in tune with what the track has shown us so far.

Better Life later adds these psychedelic trills to the mix, manipulating their tone higher and lower to underscore different musical components as well as build a sense of unease into the composition through the unknown and obscure musical origin of these synths. They sound almost space age.

The vocals arrive later in the track, commanding your attention with a depth and confidence that sells the lyrics through his conviction. The depth and gravel in his vocals also juxtapose the melody nicely. The shiny, ethereal synths are balanced out by the contrasting register on the vocals. The repetition of “better life” in the lyrics feels like the artist pointing out how often we spend time dreaming of how to be better. The vocals repeat in the composition just as those ideas bounce around our heads.

Better Life has this enigmatic electronic vibe that keeps the audience on their toes from beginning to end while also evolving an exciting beat that makes you want to move. Whether you enjoy it for the gentle synths or the flowing rhythm, this synth-pop tune has something for everyone.


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