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Breath Review

Breath by Bodeba is a disco track with a distinct and charismatic vibe that allows for excellent evolution and a fluid instrumental that never strays from its core identity.

Breath establishes a rhythm from the very start with the breath samples. Not only does this anchor the song to the themes it’s communicating, but it also provides anticipation for the track to come. The rhythmic and sharp breaths felt contagious, creating a sense of excitement and energy off the bat. The breaths don’t feel overused or gimmicky. Their subtle placement in the mix allows other instruments to shine while still giving the piece a thematic foundation to build on. This complexity is impressive, considering the lack of lyrics.

The rhythm has a bossa nova feel to it. Although it strays from the Brazilian clave, its timbre, and syncopation capture the charm of its style. It makes you want to get up and move.

Another nice touch is the upstrokes on the guitar. They add to the melody and rhythm at the same time. This countermelody adds a layer for the percussion to bounce off that works in its favor. The combination of these rhythmic devices leans further into the disco vibe, adding a tangible sway while being a cornerstone for the melody to rely on and dance around. The guitar adds to the vibe in other ways. Notably, it also has these small runs that bridge sonic changes across the track and add emphasis to important moments. They’re twangy and vibrant. Their placement in the mix perfectly elevates the melody. Their texture is so different that it allows for contrast within the piece as a whole, providing a rich diversity that contributes to the sonic tapestry of the song while making you want to dance.

Everything in this track feels perfectly designed and laid out. That attention to detail paid off in this disco banger.


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