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Cinnamon Review

Maybe it is the holiday season or just good luck. Either way, we have been having a good run of happy tracks on MusicTaste. It is a unique joy to explore songs about the positive sides of the human experience.

I think the way our brains work, we find it easier to focus on the negative. That is why the emotions in melancholic music can feel so potent. This fact, if anything, makes the intense joy and unwavering love expressed in Cinnamon by MICHAEL LOUIS AUSTIN impressive. Through brilliant guitar runs and a passionate and confident vocal performance, Austin brings to life the feeling of being supported by someone you love through the subtleties of his vocal delivery and the beautiful lyrics that underpin the track.

I love the theme of everyone needing someone to lean on. It feels like an honest expression of our inherent need for love and to be cared about. As the song opens, it explodes into these layers of guitars with a beautiful, shiny, and bright timbre. The vocals, supported by layers of harmonies, define the song. They add to the rich sonic landscape and connect the piece thematically with its sound. The vocal harmonies elevate the delivery through their unity, much like how we can find a relationship that brings us to another level. One of the key things I look for when reviewing is a sense of cohesion between the song’s message and its delivery. This technique hits the nail on the head. The guitar solo around the one-minute fifty-second mark is another nice touch that underscores the richness of the song’s melody. I love its elevating runs. It injects the solo with hope, consistent with the song’s optimistic themes.

This track is a perfect example of an emotional and sonic connection done right. I feel fortunate to have the chance to listen to such a wonderful and profoundly blissful track.


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