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Closer To You Review

Closer to You by Anton Commissaris is an easy-listening contemporary soul track that explores love through vibrant and confident vocals, solid rhythmic foundations, and gorgeous guitar work throughout.

The track opens with a motif on the piano, introducing us to the melodic ideas explored throughout the composition. It is complemented by a subtle drum beat that rolls into the introduction of the vocals.

The vocals themselves, have a subtlety and charm that carries them through the composition, allowing them to lead the melody from the front, aided by their dominant position in the mix. They interact wonderfully with the guitar and piano with each of the elements dancing around the other in a way that is cathartic to listen to.

The piano and guitar parts later add these nice trills that bring richness to the sonic landscape. They build on the melody and enhance the song’s texture. They almost work as a call and response with the vocals in sections as if the part of the other person in the love song is symbolised by the guitar and the piano, answering the questions posed in the lyrics through the melody. That connection is an example of the level of cohesion which is in every part of the song.

The lyrics have an unquestionably joyous tone which is something unexpected when you look at other tracks in the genre. There is a bold honesty to his phrasing as if he truly feels comfortable opening up to his partner or at least is at peace with his feelings at this moment. Phrases like “I’m so in love with you” and “Can we kiss under soft moonbeams?” Have a naivety and honesty that is appealing to listen to. He’s not worried about being smooth or trying to impress, instead, he just knows what feels right for him. It’s that clear emotional uniqueness that makes this track so compelling to listen to.

Overall, Closer To You is an honest and raw love song about true and unadulterated feelings of joy in love. It’s a happy, easy listening experience you won’t regret to check out.


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