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Cloud Chaser Review

Cloud Chaser is an enigmatic and mysterious bedroom pop collection that uses poetic metaphor to explore the complexities of relationships. Throughout the EP, Wayne Wei exhibits the darkness and hope of love. It feels expressive without attempting to understand or make sense of the emotion.

In the first track, Cloud Chaser, Wei leans heavily into the mystery of the EP with a smokey and subtle vocal style and distorted guitars. Together, they create a dark and sordid atmosphere, resonant with the track’s focus on admitting something about a part of yourself. Lines like “To you, I’m just pretending” and “I waited too long” put the delivery in a confessional tone that adds context to the darkness in the mix. The expressive lead guitar performance interacts with the vocals, providing a tonal contrast and an element of call and response. This track also reminded me tonally of Alabi by Jordan Mackampa.

Stay, the next track in the EP, has more psychedelic and light energy and more space in the mix. I love the guitar playing in this one. It feels deliberate and slow yet raw and honest at the same time. The way the harmonies emphasise the word “stay’ creates a beautiful sway back and forth that allows the track to ebb and flow in energy naturally. Out of Control is my favourite track on the album but I am a sucker for that style of guitar. The rhythm feels more present in this track, injecting the piece with energy that suits the vigour of the guitar. The melody feels playful through its use of bright timbre and syncopation.

Hold On feels like a fitting conclusion to the EP. It encapsulates Wei's style while also giving the track a warmth that feels fitting to round up the liminal and ever-evolving energy of the collection.

Overall, Cloud Chaser impressed me with its excellent vocal performance and strong use of guitars. The track feels emotionally connected to its themes. I like how honest it is while maintaining its stylistic edge.


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