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Denied Review

Denied by Dry Run is an exhilarating and deep alt-rock track with gorgeously distorted, crunchy electric guitar and heavy drums that both work in sync with the charismatic lead vocals to tie the track together.

With a mix of eighties and nineties influences, the song comes alive with richness and sonic diversity, contrasting deep bass with high and ethereal guitar trills. They come together to form a rich yet seething track that explores the broken promises life makes.

The vocals have this subdued anger that builds the emotion of the track as if for every lyric said, there are ten things the vocalist is holding back.

Halfway through the track, we have this great guitar interlude where a new aspect of the melody is explored more fully, putting an even darker spin on the track.

This interlude feels tonally significant for the track, following the lyric “let go I might” it feels as if the singer does let go through the instrumental, and then the next part of the song, with a heavier more confident energy is his fresh perspective of letting go of life’s empty promises. Underscoring this tonal change, the guitar exudes these waves of sound, building the melody and the rhythm at the same time through its rhythmic strumming.

Although these two halves are tonally different, there is a melodic through line that connects the them so it feels more like an evolution of the already established tone and melody. It does not feel jarring at all. The theme of letting go of life’s empty promises feels in contrast with the tone of the track. I think if they were truly giving up on these promises, the track would have a more introspective and sad atmosphere, however with the seething anger the track contains, it suggests that they are holding onto hope that it could be better. Without that hope getting dashed there would be no anger in the song, only unrelenting sadness.

The track has a lot to offer both melodically and thematically. With an interesting and diverse mix of influences on top of an impressive tonal depth, this is a track you’re not going to want to miss.


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