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Destiny’s Road (Remix) Review

Destiny’s Road (Remix) by Gary Dranow showcases a clarity that sharpens all the aspects of the original, drawing it to new heights with its eighties rock charm. The first thing that jumps out when listening to Destiny's Road is the crispness of the lead guitar.

It's played articulately, establishing the melodic core of the track while also generating energy and momentum that sets up the other attributes in the song. The guitar feels like a vocal part because of its articulate, emotional execution. You can hear the pure human expression spilling out of every trill, riff, and embellishment. This sense of the guitar's acting vocals comes to fruition in the latter part of the song. This high-register guitar has a call-and-response section with a crunchy and distorted guitar part. It has a white-hot intensity that harkens back to the sound of the late eighties and early nineties while feeling very modern.

The other guitar parts also hold up to scratch. The strumming offers a rhythmic and melodic foundation. The arpeggiated chords work to underscore the melody of Drannow’s vocals.

Speaking of the vocal performance, Drannow manages to explore a wide area of his register through this track. With loud, belting, passionate choruses and quiet, subtle, and emotionally resonant verses, the song lets him show off the span of his vocal expression. There are sections where the energy changes dramatically in a short space of time. Even with modern production techniques, making that divide feel natural and cohesive is impressive.

The drums are the final piece of the puzzle. They sustain a structure that allows the other melodic devices to dance around them. The rhythm's marching consistency would make Destiny’s Road a perfect addition to Spotify’s Walk Like a Badass playlist. That thumping rhythm allows the track to evolve without losing the core of its composition.

The way these different aspects come together showcases the depth of experience Dranow and his team have in delivering emotional yet powerful ballads.


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