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Disasterclass Review

Disasterclass by KOALRA is a spaced-out, nineties-inspired indie rock dream. The song conveys an uneasy, dark ambiance in the space between the guitars and vocals. It uses reverb and layers of sound to create this nostalgic melancholy that permeates every layer of the track’s composition.

The song opens with a gorgeous lick that unfurls the melody. There’s a diversity in the sound built between the deep and high register tones of the riff. It makes up a rich sonic tapestry that establishes a foundation for the rest of the track. The drums almost work as a counter rhythm to the pace set by the guitar. The two energies synergize nicely as the song continues. You get this slow, unsettling energy from the guitar chords that feels as if it is purposefully dragging its heels while the drums pick it up. On other tracks, that may create a tonal dissonance, but here, it projects a sense of melancholy that enhances the song's themes. The high pace and slow delivery create a dissonance that matches the uneasy feeling communicated through the melody.

The vocals feel more like an instrument than a way to communicate the lyrics. More emotion comes through in the subtleties of the expression than through words. With the languid delivery and heavy reverb used, it’s clear that the primary vocal focus is on aiding the sound of the track, which the performance does excellently. The harmonies are also brilliant, they inject a sense of energy at points throughout, keeping the pace raised and adding extra emotion. Their exploration of the higher end of the vocal register does an excellent job of contrasting some of the low moments within the vocals, accentuating the emotional edge of the delivery through the highs and lows of the song.

Disasterclass is a beautifully languid indie rock track that uses the breadth of its rhythm and melody to emphasize the emotion present at the fringes of its sound. I’m excited to see what KOALRA does next.


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