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Disenchantment At A Distance Review

Disenchantment At A Distance is a brilliant collection of classic rock and blues tracks that tell stories not just through lyrics but also through excellent guitar work. The guitar is the guiding light throughout the EP and sets the tone of each track.

Opening with Bold, Beautiful…and Gone!, the EP sets the tone with exciting guitar work on display. The track uses this grinding electric guitar part. The technique establishes the melody and creates a rhythmic consistency that mimics the lyrics. While the line “took a long walk down a frosted Scottish loch” is sung, the guitar has this meandering rhythm and tone to it, which matches the energy of walking through a cold Scottish loch. The lyrics convey this poetic charisma, walking a fine line between subtle delivery and spoken word. The delivery focuses on clarity, emphasising the complexity of the metaphors and narratives covered in the tracks. I like the subtle evolution of the melody into the chorus. It doesn’t change the tone but merely injects it with a renewed energy that keeps the track flowing smoothly.

The next track, Thrill Walk, ups the pace significantly. With more intense drumming, frequent fills, and a higher register of guitar performance, there is a sense of escalating energy going into this next track. The rhythm and counter rhythm of the drums juxtaposes nicely, creating some solid rhythmic depth and texture that plays with the shrill electric guitar.

Disenchantment At A Distance, the next song on the EP, leans further into this energetic atmosphere. It moves it into a more confident place, with the deep, distorted electric guitar performance and the reintroduction of the vocals. The repetition of the phrase “Disenchantment At A Distance” reminded me a little of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron. It’s spoken in different contexts, through a variety of lines. This technique develops a Pavlovian, hypnotic consistency that really works for the track.

Vista Valley Drift, the last track on the EP, opens with this gorgeous riff that evolves the melody of the song from start to finish. It interacts nicely with the drums. At points, they work together to elevate the sound but there is also a call-and-response energy between them. The guitar is so articulate, that it captures an emotional edge, charging the composition with a raw sense of honesty that may have been compromised through adding a vocal performance.

Overall, this EP is a creative display of excellent guitar work. Along with brilliant storytelling and solid drumming underpinning the rhythm, the EP keeps you hooked from beginning to end through its classic rock charisma.


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