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Dr Wind Review

Dr Wind is a fun and light-hearted eighties-inspired track with groovy brass instrumentation that connects with heavy rock guitars to build a unique and cohesive sound.

I like how it uses its slap bass foundations to set up the melody and the rhythm at the same time. The bass interacts nicely with the heavy electric guitar right from the get-go. The guitar has a crunchy distortion that gives the track an undeniable swagger. This guitar part leads the composition, exploring the melody with licks and riffs. The lead guitar supports the vocals through contrast. It emphasises different aspects of the intricate sonic landscape. The harmonies also support the lead. They provide a higher register accompaniment to the main vocals, adding contrast and a sense of diversity to their sound. They often come in on climactic lyrics or transitory periods in the song. They are most potent here, underscoring key vocals and guiding the composition between sections. As the track goes on, this harmony shifts into a duet. This change is where the song comes into its own. Both vocalists blossom with the contrast of each other. There is also a noticeable confidence through the pair’s chemistry that gives the lines they deliver an extra sense of conviction.

The brass becomes more apparent later in the track. It works as a call and response to the vocals during certain sections. Their shiny timbre and bold placement in the mix allow them to take centre stage, creating dynamic musical conversations with other aspects of the track. They don’t play along with the composition, they push it further. Their interactions with the guitar create this steezy back-and-forth that elevates Dr Wind. The guitar employs these syncopated upstrokes that reminded me of the groovy, retro soul roots that inspired its sound.

This track is fun from beginning to end. Its confidence, charisma, and excellent brass instrumentation sold me on this groovy funk banger.


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