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Empty Whiskey Bottle Review

Empty Whiskey Bottle by Takar Nabam is an indie rock track that articulately explores the nuances of dealing with problems in a relationship. Several layers of dreamy guitars build up the delicate and emotionally cohesive sonic texture.

The effects lend it a laid-back, psychedelic steeze. The catharsis of Empty Whiskey Bottle is the balance between the laid-back, charismatic instrumental and the complex narrative of a relationship on the rocks, the pun very much intended.

The track establishes an ethereal timbre that compliments the vocals from the start. This guitar part also sets the melody up brilliantly for the highlight of this track: the nostalgia-soaked synth. It works with another guitar part to create a tongue-in-cheek lightness that lifts the song. The way the vocals stagger around the introduction of this musical element makes the moment feel like a deep breath.

The vocals themselves have a gentle ease, contrasting their emotional depth and connection to the lyrics. This juxtaposition builds an experience that feels both laid back and emotionally honest. That balance, along with the cadence of his voice, reminds me of Phum Viphurit’s delivery on tracks like Hello, Anxiety.

The other aspect of the vocal performance is the brilliant harmony that adds a huge amount of emotional resonance, especially in the chorus. Within the context of a song about love, the harmony shows that both people are struggling with the isolation and sadness that comes from losing a relationship that is so important to them. They help to add emphasis to specific lyrics like “There’s company but I felt alone.” The implication that both people are alone without the other is a beautiful way of describing heartache.

Although all the aspects of the track are individually brilliant, it’s their interaction with each other that makes this song pop. This track has a smooth delivery and emotionally articulate lyrics. I’m excited to see what Takar Nabam does next.


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