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Foreign Voices Vol. 2 Review

Foreign Voices Vol. 2 by the band Foreign Voices is a succinct and expertly crafted collection of alt-rock and indie music, building a signature sound out of anthemic lyrics, luscious guitar playing, and a production style that allows for each aspect of the track to sine.

During the first track, titled I, we are exposed to some of these key features. First and foremost the excellent vocals. What stands out is their ability to ebb and flow with the style of the music. During the initial verses of the composition, the voice seems confident but quieter, allowing for tension to build. The tension builds to a climax through the choruses where the lead singer belts out the lyrics, not just with the technical expertise to hit the high notes but with emotion to create a sense of authenticity in the music as well.

Vague in Ailing changes the pace. With a slower and more enigmatic styling, the guitar is given a chance to shine. The heavy reverb creates a psychedelic vibe that matches the slower speed to underscore a sense of both calm and awe at the same time. The vocals are more mournful and emotional than the previous track, lending it an energy that reminds me of Radiohead, especially in their rejected bond song, Spectre, which is an interesting piece of musical trivia in itself and worth checking out!

As Vague in Ailing continues, we hear that energy return but the addition of the psychedelic guitar creates an addictive, spaced-out confidence that elevates the track beyond the genres of indie and alternative rock.

The arpeggiated guitar throughout the final track Empiric feels like a combination of the best aspects of the first two tracks, the power of I and the intricacy of Vague in Ailing. These aspects build the EP to a satisfying conclusion, showing both thematic consistency as well as a sense of growth throughout the project, cementing their sound within the alt-rock and indie scene.

This would be the kind of music that would sound incredible live but would also suit a long road trip with friends. However you enjoy it, check out Foreign Voices Vol. 2!


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