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Free Review

Free by GOODNIGHT SUZIE is an ethereal song with a cinematic awe that elevates it beyond the sum of its parts. I’m impressed by the overall cohesion between the parts and the charisma of its performance.

The track utilises several layers of strings as well as a rhythmic guitar part. These aspects have a wonderful interplay where the guitar underscores the high notes of the strings, providing them with a more full sound while also grounding them in the rhythmic structure. The guitar feels powerful despite its quiet position within the mix. It establishes the foundation of the melody that gives the track a starting point to build on.

The strings also interact with the vocals. They create this call-and-response relationship where they act like a secondary vocal, enhancing the texture of the lead and providing a melodic counterpart that contributes texture to the sonic tapestry. The vocals have this entrancing energy created by their connection to the lyrics. You get a sense, as a listener, of the conviction behind every word. That conviction is contagious and immerses you even further in the listening experience of the song. The harmonies the track uses are expertly crafted. Although they are subtle at points, they create this vocal community that showcases the chemistry of the artists. It also encourages others to sing along through the singer’s cohesive and smooth vocal interactions. The trills and vocal runs on the line “and dancing to the sights that you thought that you never would see” were fantastic, shedding light on the higher register of the song and building up tension through that contrast, ready for the chorus.

The repetition of the word free, used during the climax of the song, creates this hypnotic pattern that draws together every aspect of the composition. I thought the musical break around the 2-minute 15-second mark was an excellent exploration of this, showing the unity at the core of the track.

Free’s confidence, charisma, and cohesive instrumental sell this unique anthem.


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