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Freedom Review

Freedom by Natalie Clark is an indie anthem imbued with energy and vigour. With elements of rock and gospel, the track bridges its genre influences to send a bold message about being an individual and the joy of living life without constraints.

Opening with a simple keyboard part, the track introduces us to its melody before building the energy with crunchy distorted drums and a powerful lead vocal.

I appreciate the slower start. This production choice gives each of the elements a chance to be fully introduced. It also allows the audience to understand and appreciate each of the instruments in the context of the rest of the mix.

The melody itself has this positive and hopeful energy that highlights the key themes of the song and works cohesively with the lyrics.

Clark’s vocals also start with a slow, more delicate, and introspective performance in the verses but they really come into their own during the chorus. This is where the gospel influences begin to shine, adding waves of gorgeous harmonies that emphasise the word freedom over and over. The way the vocals flow through the word freedom shows its importance and underscores the strength the song puts into this theme throughout.

The track's lyrics are empowering and positive. I like the line in the chorus “So you want your freedom? Go ahead and take it!”

The line explores the freedom we idolise and shows that at the end of the day, we have to make the opportunity to find it ourselves. The line encourages the listener to take life by the horns and grab that freedom they are searching for. Instead of creating music about the ecstasy of total freedom or the misery of feeling trapped, this track straddles the line, challenging the audience to find that joy for themselves.

Overall, the track has strong melodic and rhythmic foundations along with spacious yet energetic production styles, but it’s the

vibe and positive message that truly makes it stand out.


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