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Frenzy Review

Frenzy by Tonya G and My Machine Soul is an enigmatic, subtle, and energetic Lofi pop track with an eighties kick that elevates the song beyond the sum of its parts.

The track opens with a distinct ethereal synth that builds the melody around it. It is an interesting introduction to the song, connecting with the first lyric “spacing out.” By relating the shiny and gentle synths with the thematically relevant lyrics, Frenzy shows us the skill of the producer and the cohesion of the team that worked on the project overall to make this mixing of sound and lyrics seem so effortless.

The rhythm is created with a constant drum, developing a driving rhythm without overcomplicating or overshadowing the melodic aspects of the composition. On top of this, by having such a consistent rhythmic backbone, the track can create additional tension by taking it away. It can underscore specific lines or moments simply by pausing the drum, leaving the audience on their toes throughout.

The vocals are another standout feature. Carrying a subdued and emotionally restrained edge, it allows for moments of powerful melancholy to spill through into the delivery. The vocalist's ability to follow the ebb and flow of the music is remarkable and, along with the great production, allows the singer to glide above the melody, guiding the sound throughout.

The vocal harmonies are also a nice touch, they repeat and distort through the composition, acting like auditory trails, further linking back to the vibe of being spaced out. They also add different intensities of vocals, especially during the chorus. This power gives the track a texture and diversity that elevates the sonic tapestry of the song.

There is some subtle guitar playing that becomes more apparent as the song goes on. They add licks and riffs that emphasise and underscore important lyrics and act as transitional phases guiding the composition to the next section. Although this effect is subtle, I think it adds to the overall energy and flow nicely.

Frenzy is a great Lofi pop track that uses synths, flowing vocals, and subtle production techniques to build a compelling song that would suit a late-night drive or a spaced-out after-party.


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