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Gin Mill Club Review

Gin Mill Club by PATRYK KANIA is a bold and creative electronic, dark pop EP about losing yourself to music and hedonistic fun. It explores this theme with the use of heavy synths and a breathy vocal performance that reminds me of Cigarettes After Sex.

The first track Gin Mill Club is an enigmatic and stylish anthem introducing us to the EP's unique sound while also building an introspective and frank train of thought, acknowledging the risks and fears that come with allowing your desires to run free, balanced with the intoxicating freedom. This song conveys a sense of letting go, palpable in the chorus especially. The line "Let's go fucking crazy" is delivered with such a confident and assured cadence, it sells the feeling of liberation brilliantly.

The second track, Girlfriend, has a more laid-back tone. The guitar plucking in the pre-chorus is a nice touch that helps elevate that chill synthwave vibe with a bit of tension that allows the track to build toward a cathartic chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it bounces with a subtle swagger, using rubbery synths and great bass to build a sonic texture that makes you want to nod your head. The production on this track slightly strays away from some of the EP's dark pop roots but I think that shift does the song and the EP generally a lot of good, diversifying the sound and adding emphasis to the lighter tones explored throughout.

A later track, Mallorca, showcases the vocal talent on display. By having a bare-bones instrumental, the song draws our attention to the voices. I say voices because what sells this vocal performance is the unity in the composition between the lead vocalist and the harmony. They draw out the subtle vulnerability in each other's performances, especially at the high end of their range. They sell the authenticity of the lyrics with the chemistry between their vocals. If Gin Mill Club introduces us to hedonistic nihilism, it feels like Mallorca is rediscovering purpose, answering the questions the first track poses, with love and honesty.

This EP suits pre-gaming, the club, and the afterparty equally well. It's unique in its honesty and excellent delivery of its themes.


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