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How Lovin' You Goes

How Lovin' You Goes by STUART ROLFE is a gorgeous track about finding the right person for you, with an honest and intimate vocal performance that brings the track together through Rolfe’s vocal charisma. The song is country-inspired but has some rock influences that become more apparent later on.

The melody is raw, not distracting from the storytelling and vocals, which feel like the centre of the track. How Lovin' You Goes uses several layers of guitars that wash over the listener. They do a great job of exploring the different aspects of the melody and adding a rich and diverse sonic texture. The lead guitar soars above other attributes of the mix, interacting with the vocals and the strumming of the other guitar parts in a way that feels both confident and reactive. There is a sense of cohesion within the piece, an awareness that every musical aspect exists in the same sonic tapestry as the other, which is a nice touch and hard to pull off. My favourite example of this is during the line “like singing along to your favourite song.” The way the whole track reacts, changing the energy while still feeling like a fluid moment within the composition is an example of that cohesion elevating the piece beyond the sum of its parts.

The draw and cadence of the vocals have this warm and comfortable vibe that is infectious. The ease of the vocalist comes through palpably. The harmonies add further texture and work with the theme of being together with someone. Those vocals are backing up the lead in the same way that being with a loved one can fortify you in life.

The guitar solo in the latter half is also a nice touch and allows the song to flex its rock muscles, showing off that excellent balance between country and rock at the core of its identity.

This track is all heart from beginning to end. It’s that charisma and honesty that makes it stand out.


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