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Human Error 404 Review

Human Error 404 by LOVE GHOST is a bold nu-metal inspired Latin emo rock banger. What immediately jumps out about this track is the excellent guitar work throughout.

It has this crunchy distortion and a bold kick to it that helps emphasise some of the nu-metal vibes, as well as leaving space for the vocals to lead the composition. The guitar works as a foundation for the instrumental and style, allowing other aspects of the composition to build on top of it and evolve the melodic motifs that it introduces.

Love Ghost begins the track with a slower, more melancholic delivery and a message about getting out of your own head. They lament about seeing others out in the real world, doing their own thing, and how that makes them feel even more trapped, not only by society but by themselves. This section is introspective, not pulling any emotional punches or compromising the message to make the track feel smoother. They manage to fit the concept into the melody in a way that feels smooth and honest. It is, however, his delivery that sells it. There's a vulnerability that comes through in his vocal inflections and swaying cadence that makes me feel like this is a performance from the heart. It's that authenticity that elevates the piece.

While maintaining that authenticity, Ritorukai takes the track in a more energetic direction. With a punchy and aggressive angle, he changes the tone of the song effortlessly. Although the vibe is different in this section, there is a consistency between the two parts that unites the whole piece and makes the switches feel seamless. It feels like each artists' delivery adds to the other. Although the parts work on their own, its the contrast that allows their differences to shine. The confidence and power underscores the emotion and vice versa. It's a clever technique that allows the song to shine brighter than the sum of its parts.

Human Error 404 by LOVE GHOST is an anthemic experience, showcasing the best of emo and nu metal.


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