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Huracan Review

Huracan is an aggressive hard rock track with heavy influences from Latin rock. It oozes with confidence and manages to be both charismatic and intimidating at the same time.

Opening strong from the outset, the track begins with energy and only increases in intensity as the song goes on. That is except for select quieter moments which show, by contrast, the power the rest of the track employs. I also like the heavy EQ from the start, the production technique gives the track a spaced-out feel that matches the psychedelic lyrics in the song, connecting the song thematically and sonically.

The track uses multiple languages, beginning in Spanish and then switching to English to belt the chorus. The Spanish sections convey a more subtle, sinister energy while the English sections have a confidence and power that washes over the listener. Usually when a track has a rhythmic change, it speeds up in the chorus but this track slows down. I think that choice says a lot about the intention and energy of the composition. Instead of rushing through its intense moments, it slows down and marches, allowing the listener to soak in every detail of the moment. This technique shows the confidence of the track as well as an insight into the song's perspective. It feels as if the intense moments are normal and any quiet moments or respite are lulls from the intensity of the chorus. It’s impressive that the vocals manage to sound just as comfortable in the high-energy sections as they do in the low, especially considering the different languages used across the sections. Being able to master the cadence, breath control, and emotional connection across different languages is quite the undertaking and it’s realised fantastically.

Huracan is a blast from beginning to end, full of power and energy but not lacking in subtlety at the same time. I’m impressed with its confidence and the bold rhythmic calls it made in the chorus.


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