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I Break Review

I Break by CLARE EASDOWN is an avant-garde seething electronic exploration of depression with an honesty and relatability that gives the listener a true insight into a unique interpretation of the singer’s vulnerability.

The first thing that jumps out is the guitar licks. Being one of the first things we hear in the track, their tone is essential in shaping the energy of the track. EASDOWN nails the guitar with a desolate and mournful riff that feels like the guitar is wailing. This helps to create the energy for the rest of the track. It also sets up interesting motifs which are explored in greater depth at other points in the track.

The lyrics explore the theme of depression, describing it as a literal presence that has infiltrated the singer’s brain. Describing her soul as “at the bottom of the lake” was an interesting touch which seems to me to describe the hopelessness that comes from that inescapable sensation of depression. By describing a place so desolate and lifeless, EASDOWN helps us understand how depression often tricks people into feeling as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, when in reality that is not the case.

The rhythm is built into this track through a killer drum machine that has a real kick to it. This instrumentation combined with the fills used helps create an unrelenting force of rhythm, matching thematically to the dark and heavy themes of the track. The 808s are another nice touch, contrasting the guitar melody to elevate both aspects with a rich and textured sonic diversity.

The harmonies are another really nice touch, they not only add an emphasis to important lyrics but also a power to the overall track. The use of the word “gone” sung at the same time as the rest of the chorus feels symbolically like the depression manifesting itself as described in the verses.

That connection between the lyrics and the composition is one of the many reasons why this tune stands out amongst other avant-garde, electronic tracks.

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