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I Can’t Help Falling In Love

ABBY LONDON’s cover of I Can’t Help Falling in Love feels both respectful and true to the original while also being deeply personal in her interpretation of such a classic track. It feels as if this song means a lot to London, through the emotive and passionate delivery she uses throughout.

The piano part used is simple but effectively communicates the melody of the track The subtle, gentle playing style helps to establish the tone. Although it’s clear the piano part is there to support the vocals, some techniques stand out to me. The use of these meandering trills around the chords makes the track feel languid and introspective and yet the loose rhythm makes them feel spontaneous. Interestingly, this technique makes the piano sound almost like a vocal, changing in tones gently and gradually as opposed to the distinct notes like a piano.

Just on a technical level, the vocals are excellent. They can ebb and flow with the energy of the song, always sounding smooth, and comfortable. Even in some of the more intense moments the vocals still manage to lead the composition while feeling full and rich, matching the energy of the song's climaxes. Subtle features like the breath control feel also effortless in London’s delivery. My favourite moment is the way her voice belts on “take my hand” This cements the emotional connection she has with the piece, feeling coherent both with the original intention behind Elvis’s song and with her own instrumental.

As the track goes on, more of London’s personality peeks through. I think this objectively improves the piece, it feels more honest to her and that comes across in her more charismatic and joyous delivery.

I’d love to see more of London’s personality come through like this in future releases. For me, beyond the technical prowess of her singing, that’s the aspect that sells me on the song.


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