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I Can’t Wait For This Christmas Review

Coming into the Holiday Season, many people have strong emotions associated with this time of year. The narrative of I Can’t Wait For This Christmas by BLUEPRINT MOON focuses on the joy and magic of Christmas in the face of the inner Scrooge we all deal with as we grow up. It captures the beautiful naivety and power of letting go that makes this time of year special and does so for a great purpose.

50% of the sales go directly to the charity War Child. This charity's mission statement is to “protect, educate, and stand up for the rights of children living through conflict.” This concept was created by Vern’s 7-year-old daughter, Vern being one half of Blueprint Moon.

I like that the track acknowledges the downbeat side of the holidays - the long drives and the same songs on the radio. Despite the cynicism, our protagonist still loves, cares, and looks forward to the holiday season. The guitar layers up, emphasising and underscoring the strength of the melody, then their tone changes in the latter half of the track. The lead guitar explores the melody fully, embellishing the vocal performance with crunchy riffs. The solo at the end is also a nice touch that injects energy and ties the whole track together.

This track is a whimsical Christmas journey that delivers optimistic energy and good vibes. On top of that, Blueprint Moon’s charitable promises are something that we can all get behind. I’ve embedded the Bandcamp below.


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