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I Fall in Love Too Many Times Review

I Fall in Love Too Many Times by Aro is a melancholic and introspective dream pop track about the struggles of finding the right person in life, trying so hard to connect with them while also building your relationship with your flaws, issues, and insecurities brought out by being so vulnerable in love.

It explores this concept with a mix of alternative pop and electronic instrumentation, building a diverse and rich sonic landscape starting with the guitar.

The guitar is the first instrument we hear, building the rest of the melody on top of it. The riff it creates has a soulful and aching angst to it which matches the heavy themes discussed, connecting the song's lyrics and instrumental coherently and satisfyingly. This is a small touch but I like the later addition of the deep synth which almost runs parallel to the melody. It adds sonic diversity to the mix and also emphasises the guitar by drawing contrasting attention.

As the track continues, the drum machine comes in. Staying relatively subdued to start with, it adds a subtle power to the melody that makes you want to nod your head. It feels like the effects on the drums at the start remove some of the bass, allowing them to come in without their punchy energy taking over the mix. This is an interesting technique that helps build rhythm while keeping the listener's attention on the melody.

The vocals are a standout feature. Throughout the ebb and flow of the song, they manage to match that intensity consistently. With a delivery that feels raw and honest while remaining subdued at the same time, they do a great job at showing the uncertainty and vulnerability that come from falling in love, especially when you don’t just have to discover the other person but also yourself at the same time. There is a connection between the lyrics and the vocal performance which feels as if the singer is speaking from the heart, adding weight and power to the song’s message.

This track is a heartfelt and introspective exploration of love that has had a lot of emotion poured into it. I love its vulnerability and honesty as well as its artistic skill to incorporate that into the melody.

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