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I'm A God Review

I’m A God by My Life Story is a fantastically tongue-in-cheek parody of the fickle nature of media while also being a fun track to listen to at the same time. I

Opening with this arpeggiated style synth and layers of vibrant guitars, the track has an energy from the very beginning.

When I was first listening, lyrics like “I am the right” and “I am the face towards the light” worried me.

Considering how superstar music artists are generally so humble and down to earth, I was concerned that their spotless reputation for humility could be in jeopardy.

Jokes aside, the initial lyrics did have me questioning the track but it’s during the chorus that the message of the song becomes clear. Emphasising that bright and crisp synth sound, the vocalist proudly proclaims “I’m a multi-billionaire rocket god” and that was the line that made the piece fall into place.

This song is a bold-faced satire of how success and media hype can make heroes out of regular, flawed people.

By making the claims so outlandish, it allows us to see the bizarreness of our society’s obsession with putting people on pedestals. You can almost hear the lead vocalist smiling at the claims he’s making and the absurd nature of the composition as a whole.

Likes like “I am the hand…over your heart” in later verses add a more sinister energy to the track, further showing why seeing people as gods is dangerous because of the power they can wield over others. I think it’s interesting that the instrumental remains upbeat and hyper-positive. This, to me, shows the disparity between the facade people and corporations put up and the reality of how they should be perceived.

By keeping the instrumental so joyous, the song also refuses to give up the bit, never admitting that it is satire. It is in this unknown zone between sincerity and satire that great content thrives. When you are asking whether it is real or not, that in itself is part of the satire.

Overall, I Am a God is a bold and humorous satirical track with an important message and a great delivery.


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