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I'm Addicted Too Review

I'm Addicted Too by EM GRACE & THE UNDERCUTS tells the story of the trauma and subsequent growth after heartache. The track does an excellent job at innovating sonically, not only for their unique ukulele use but also for the deep connection between the song musically and thematically.

One of the aspects that the band said they wanted the song to explore is the “nonlinear healing journey,” something I think many people would be able to relate to. The rollercoaster of healing from trauma feels like it's reflected in the significant changes of pace the track employs throughout. Around the fifty-second mark, the track picks up the pace and energy drastically. The melodic energy increases and the tone of the lyrics changes as well. They become more callous and less vulnerable. Lyrics such as “When you’re swiping left and right … it obviously meant something” show a significant contrast to earlier lyrics like “I’m overwhelmed by how well you empathise.” I think this shows the different stages of moving on from somebody, bouncing from anger to sadness, to reminiscing, and everything in between. It's this cohesive connection in the track that immersed me in the story and the melody at the same time. Attempting something bold like this is always worth pointing out, but its execution is equally impressive. It doesn’t feel out of place or unnatural at all. There is a clear contrast but the change feels very natural.

The vocal performance is excellent, managing to walk that line of confidence and vulnerability needed in a track like this. The voice feels equally comfortable in the high and low-energy sections. I think the reason for this is how emotionally connected the vocalist is to the lyrics. That bond helps the delivery feel genuine and honest through the melody's ebbs and flows.

This track is a beautiful expression of heartache and the growth that comes after it. I love its vulnerability and think it will be incredibly cathartic for anyone going through similar problems in life.


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