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Imagination's Remixes Breathe New Life into a Charismatic Banger

The remixes of Imagination by BELOUIS SOME capture the gorgeous eighties charisma of the original while elevating it in different directions through different tones and musical timbres. These new versions feel respectful to the magic of the original while also breathing new life into the song, refreshing it for a new generation. 


The orchestral version utilises strings to add layers of tension throughout the track without drowning out the subtleties of the guitar. The orchestral sentiments relinquish the spotlight slightly in the verses, allowing the bright, shiny timbre of the guitars to take centre stage. They have this breezy, careless energy that adds to the eighties sensibilities of the track. In the chorus, the orchestral elements swell again, creating this heavy sense of awe floating above the composition and elevating the other aspects of it. The ethereal strings used in this part of the chorus contrast the candid rawness of the vocals, providing a diversity of texture that improves the song as a whole. The strings also adds a sense of melancholy to the joy of the track through their alternative counter melody. This subtlety elevates the joy of the track through its contrast and feels like it grounds the track, a counterpoint to the hope of imagination at the core of its themes. 

The extended version brings a different vibe, shifting the track in a psychedelic vintage electronic direction. Opened by these layers of reversed percussion, the listener immediately understands that this is totally different from the orchestral versions covered earlier in the collection. With a heavier emphasis on bass guitar and more eighties-inspired synths, this version feels like an elevation of the original rather than a new take like the orchestral versions. As the track continues, this intense broken-up synth melody rises and falls. Its intensity was shocking on first listen but isn't out of place or jarring, instead it feels like like the potency of the trip intensifying as you dive deeper into the song.

Overall, these versions stood out because of their bold commitment and respect for the original song combined with their dedication to innovate in a way that feels organic and bold at the same time.


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