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In My Cup Review

In My Cup is a stripped-back alternative R&B afro beats inspired tune showcasing excellent melodic understanding and vocal prowess from


The track opens with a simple piano part, introducing key melodic elements that the rest of the song builds on. I like this slower start as it allows the audience to get accustomed to the different aspects of the track at a comfortable pace, matching the laidback vibe of the track with the listening experience from the get-go. The layer of vocals that come in next adds new energy, leading the composition from this point onward. The use of harmonies helps the voices feel like a welcoming wave of sound washing over the listener.

However, it's the introduction of the drums that marks the moment when this piece comes together. The syncopated afro beats inspired drumming falls into place with the confident, enigmatic vocal performance and the simple melody flawlessly. There's a commendable cohesion between all the different melodic layers of the song. Together, they form a rich and textured sonic landscape that elevates the song beyond the sum of its parts.

The lyrics do a great job of exploring the ups and downs of a night out. We hear lots of songs about how alcohol, bright lights, and good friends can lead to some special memories but it was also fun to hear lyrics about the chaos that those elements can bring. The confusion about who called the Uber, searching for your ID, and being worried about what time you have to be up the next day all felt like cathartic lyrics that made the track seem more real and relatable, as well as being a little funny, in contrast to the effortlessly smooth instrumental.

The harmonies come into their own halfway through the track, weaving and dancing over each other, they build this psychedelic haze into the song that recreates the intensity of a great club.

This is a truly great tune, perfect for party animals. It would sound great at home but I think this piece would truly shine in a club setting.


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