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In My Dreams Review

In My Dreams by Marc and Coke Beats tells a poignant love story that feels equal parts personal and universal to the human experience. The track portrays that narrative through a synth-pop anthem, with a heavy influence from the house genre that makes you want to nod your head. It nicely balances the storytelling aspects with the melodic needs of the song, managing to explore a compelling narrative without compromising the sonic landscape.

The line “I’ve been waiting for you” followed by the line “In my dreams” creates this dichotomy between wanting a partner and only pursuing them in their dreams. I think it says a lot about how we idolize people. The line also felt relevant to the struggle of expressing the right emotions in real life when everything feels so clear internally. The delivery of these lines matches the narrative. The line “I’ve been waiting for you” has a sense of conviction and confidence, while "in my dreams" feels like an admission of a lie. They only pursue their lover in their dreams. There's a sense of frustration and anguish at their inaction that comes through in the delivery. This shows me that Marc deeply understands the emotions behind the lyrics to convey such complex themes effortlessly.

Marc’s vocals balance confidence and vulnerability. Around the one-minute mark, the track delves deeper into the house and electropop influences. This sonic choice allows the beat, courtesy of Coke Beats, to take centre stage. The synths are luscious and full, providing a diverse and textured landscape that is inherently danceable but still captures the raw melancholy of the lyrics.

Overall, In My Dreams manages to capture energy while telling a story. I like tracks like this because they allow the audience to engage with them on whatever level they want to, feeling the music or listening to the story.


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