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Isolation Review

Isolation by JODY COOPER is an introspective rock anthem full of passion and emotion, detailing the challenges many have been through over the past few years. As the title suggests, the track references the pandemic and our struggles to grow beyond it. However, I think the message is broader than that specific event.

The lyrics describe us building palaces of isolation. That tone feels more purposeful than a reaction to genuine risk. The song explores the concept of artificially dividing ourselves. It suggests we find opinions to relate to rather than focusing on unification and progress as a collective culture. Unexpectedly, Cooper morphs this sense of division into something that unites people. Through wordplay and metaphor, he allows the track to feel timeless and relate universally. This choice is an inspired move that helps his message spread far and wide.

The song’s instrumental opens with a simple piano part, defining the melody and interacting with the vocals beautifully. The piano works like a call and response to the vocal performance. As the piece continues, the rhythm becomes more pronounced through layers of drums. This change feels like it increases the tension of the track by adding to the energy of the composition. The melody is diversified further with a rich bass accompaniment. It fills out the low end and adds a bounce, elevating the rhythm and melody.

The lyrics tie this piece together, conveying a charisma created by the vocalist’s conviction. That connection between the lyrics and the flow shines bright from beginning to end. The high-register harmonies are also a nice touch that adds further exploration of the melody. They provide a cathartic juxtaposition to the deep bassline. They are also thematically linked to the unity at the core of the song’s message.

Isolation has a beautiful message. Its execution, especially in the vocal performance, is technically impressive and equally emotionally resonant.


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