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K9 Review

K9 by NADINE RANDLE is an R&B-inspired, dance-pop track with excellent production and vocals that will make you want to nod your head.

The first thing you’ll notice is the confident and charismatic energy that this track is imbued with. Although I think this would make it brilliant for an intense gym workout, it would sound its best at three in the morning accompanied by confetti cannons and a max-capacity venue. It’s designed for the club. Everything from the slow build-up to the deep bass to the easy-to-follow lyrics makes it the perfect track to sing along to. The rhythm between the high-energy moments and more intimate sections allows the track to ebb and flow perfectly, not feeling like lethargic R&B or overwhelming dance. The consistent rhythm and smooth vocal samples also work together to build the foundations of a solid melody that is led further by the vocal performance.

Randle’s delivery is emotive and raw throughout. She provides the heart and soul of the track. It's very impressive how she manages to develop emotional resonance, not just in the quieter moments but also in the more intense sections. She sounds equally as comfortable in the energetic beat drops as she does in the quieter sections. The diversity of her sound is this song’s secret weapon that makes it work through ebbs and flows of energy. Her high register works well at contrasting the depth of the instrumental components. This technique provides a sonic diversity providing a texture in the tapestry of the song that elevates each element with a musically contrasting one.

Lyrically, the track makes you want to sing along, with its hypnotic, repetitive phrasing and easy-to-follow melody. That being said, it doesn’t sacrifice narrative complexity. I specifically like the line “I’m playing with enemies but keeping my same friends.” Combined with the dance energy of the song and lines like “I keep bringing it back to the floor” there is a sense of tension on the dance floor. It is as if she’s dancing despite negativity trying to bring her down.

Overall, this track is an exciting dance-pop anthem with some great R&B influences and a complex narrative that doesn’t get in the way of its inherent danceability.

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