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Lapse Review

Lapse by IPE is an electronic pop anthem that uses his life experience to create a story that is relatable to lots of people while also adding it to a rhythm that makes you want to nod your head. The cool thing about this track is that you can engage with it on whichever level you’d prefer, either as a song to dance to or listen to the lyrics.

Based on his experience of nearly drowning as a child, the track talks about the feeling of not being able to escape your circumstances, both in that specific moment but also generally in life. Lyrics like “couldn’t break through the sides” apply as directly to his horrific experience of drowning as it does to those struggling in life in other ways.

I like the way IPE explores those feelings while also not lamenting them in a way that feels too sombre. The track has a killer beat with shiny ethereal synths and a clap that underscores the rhythm.

It creates this simple and elegant style and melody that allows the vocals to shine while elevating their position in the mix.

I think this track would sound great in a club environment which is particularly impressive when you consider the depth of lyrics on display at the same time.

As the track continues, the beat increases in intensity, evolving into a bolder and more confident sound at a speed that brings the audience along for the ride.

The vocal performance also really opens up in the second half, with a new energy mixed with an intimate rawness that delves deeper into the emotions of the song. Even at this point, however, the track doesn’t feel heavy. The themes don’t weigh down the levity and energy of the instrumental and the rhythm manages to avoid softening the themes to the point where they feel less meaningful. It’s that gentle balance that makes the track so impressive.


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