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Magnetic Review

Magnetic by PARACHUTES AND PROMISES is an indie rock ballad that tells a raw and emotional story through excellent vocal delivery and smooth instrumentation, straddling the line between confidence and vulnerability beautifully.

One of my favourite aspects of the track is the bassline that underpins the melody and adds energy throughout. The majority of the track’s timbre is shiny and bright, with a high register. They balanced that out with a marching, deep, and rhythmic bassline that adds diversity to the sonic tapestry of the track. This decision shows the experience and understanding of the song’s musical landscape from the producer.

The layers of pianos are also a nice touch. They establish the melody beautifully but also interact with the vocals in a cathartic way that elevates each of their parts with the energy of the other. The higher register trills on the piano do a great job of adding complexity and intrigue to the song and further emphasise important narrative moments in the track, punctuating the moment with their presence.

The vocals are the north star of this song, leading the composition from the front, with the help of their dominant position in the mix. As I mentioned earlier, they tease out raw honesty while keeping the energy of the track high, a difficult balance to strike. The vocals ebb and flow with the emotional tone of the song. To me, this suggests a deep connection with the sentiment behind the track. I think the vocalist’s understanding of the track is what made her delivery so compelling.

The theme of ending a relationship and searching for closure without feeling superior demonstrates a mature understanding of love. It’s resonant to have that communicated so articulately through the lyrics in a way that feels cohesive with the melody.

Overall, Magnetic is an articulate and bold take on love coming to an end with an uncompromising creative vision that teeters between confidence and vulnerability brilliantly. It uses layers of instrumentation and a descriptive vocal performance to build cathartic energy from start to finish.


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