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Make Me Smile Review

Make Me Smile by THE PULLTOPS is an unquestionably positive and whimsical love ballad about that one person who always brightens your day. It utilizes indie rock styling and a tonne of personality to convey the beauty of its message.

The track works hard to pair down the complexities of love into an honest anthem. I like how they constrain themselves to simple ideas because it leads to excellent execution and keeps the song from becoming overwhelming or over-complex.

The track is not afraid of slower-paced sections, starting with slow and delicate guitar playing. This first verse allows us to pick up on the gently introduced melodic components. The picking style establishes the pace nicely and provides a contrast for the bolder chorus to come. The melody itself is stripped back and raw, not overcomplicating itself. I appreciate the artist staying true to the song's energy and allowing the melody to support that thematic foundation. It makes the track feel more cohesive.

The lyrics, again, are straightforward with a poetic edge. The Pulltops distill their emotions into the simplest form, away from cerebral feelings and toward actions. A smile means more in this context than complex and articulate explorations of how we experience love. The focus on the physical in the lyrics makes the track more relatable because we all see love differently but a smile is universal.

That sense of unity comes across in the vocal performance as well. There are harmonies throughout the track that drive home this sense of togetherness through the connection between the vocal parts. The harmonies also help to add emphasis to specific lines. The lower register, at points, adds contrast to the lead vocal, drawing out the emotion through its juxtaposition.

It's the mix of honest emotion and careful execution that gives this track such a unique energy. It's a joyous and uncomplicated love song that will brighten your day.


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