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Marty Mcfly Review

Marty Mcfly is a heartfelt track about looking back and wishing you could’ve done things differently in life. I also think, through that relatable process of looking back, the song shows how much people evolve and change as they gain new experiences and grow as individuals.

I like the vintage EQ on the vocals right off the bat, it’s a nice auditory touch that connects the track's themes with the lyrics. The vocals themselves have a real charm to them. You get the sense that this song is from the heart, you can hear the emotion spilling over, especially in the higher notes of the vocalist’s register. It’s refreshing to have such an unfiltered and honest performance.

The lyric “I wish more years could have felt like this” has this interesting melancholy to it. It’s this bizarre mix of joy that you have a good life now but frustration in asking what all that misery and confusion was for. Sort of like asking life “What took you so long?”

I like the muted guitar playing that is used in the pre-chorus, it adds a sense of tension before the energy releases in the chorus, it also gives a chance for the vocals to become slower and quieter, again drawing more attention to the bold and confident vocals in the chorus by contrast.

The middle eight of the track kind of shows an alternative perspective on the song, reminding the listener that we don’t have a Time Machine and dwelling in the past can’t change things but to me, ettie’s train of thoughts here doesn’t necessarily have to feel negative. I feel like it’s good the song mentions this because it’s easy to get trapped in thought cycles of worrying about what could have happened and how life could have been better. That being said, I think the track's tone is light enough, especially with the Back To The Future references, it feels more like a daydream about what could have been instead of serious regret.

Marty McFly balances strong themes with a light-hearted alt-rock style. It's a song about discovering yourself and looking back on life that's honest and charismatic to the core.


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