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Me and My Demons

Me and My Demons is an aggressive, hard rock album that mixes powerful bangers with a positive message about living in the moment and moving on from your past.

The album begins with I Just Wanna Go Home. The track sets the stage for the thematic complexity of the album. It manages to balance hard rock aggression with a level of uncertainty and uncomfortable energy. The song explores the anxiety of feeling out of place that one experiences while in an unfamiliar situation. However, it then injects that sentiment with crunchy electric guitars and an awesome solo, immediately showing the line the album effortlessly walks between narrative complexity and pure rock energy.

The song Words changes the vibe, looking more inward at the lies and inconsistencies in our lives we let ourselves believe daily. The track explores the relationship that we have with words. The theme soon evolves into the power words can have “the power… to hurt… to kill.” This level of emotional awareness is not often associated with the genre by casual listeners, making its inclusion a genre-challenging creative decision.

The titular song, Me and My Demons has several layers of powerful guitars that underpin its melody and rhythm. I like how each layer reacts to changes in the other musical components. It makes the track sound connected, adding a sense of catharsis to the listening experience.

As the album continues, some hard rock influences evolve into more classic rock. Don’t Believe The Truth is an example of this change. The track focuses more on addictive riffs than the wall of sound other tracks use to develop their melody. A heavily political track, Don’t Believe The Truth manages to keep the tone engaging without compromising its message.

All We’ve Got, the final track, takes that tonal change to the next level, removing the rock influences to give us an acoustic ballad about living in the moment. It’s a pet peeve of mine when albums present some of the darker sides of the human psyche or society and then dip without providing their perspective on it. This context of growing from your mistakes and living in the moment is essential. It makes this a compelling track and ties the album into a connected narrative with a conclusion.

Me and My Demons manages to experiment with sound and genre, successfully finding a tonal through line. It creates a cohesive and diverse album that doesn’t compromise on what it wants to say.


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