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Mennyt on valmis

Mennyt on valmis by MARDI TICKLE is a Europop anthem from Finland. It exudes positive energy and enthusiasm from beginning to end. It feels nice to have an unquestionably happy track on the site, no melancholy or ambiguity, just good times.

However, creating a happy track that captures a listener is hard. MARDI TICKLE manages to do it through layers of tonal complexity that keep the piece exciting through its diverse sonic tapestry and confident vocal delivery.

The guitar is a nice touch that underpins the melody, especially in the verses with crunchy and distorted rock energy, providing an edge that builds tension towards the choruses. The choruses capitalize on that energy with layers of synths that work to create this diverse wave of sound. Through their exploration of the highs and lows of the melodic register, they provide a sonic diversity that makes the track feel rich and engaging, providing a cathartic release from the build-up of the verses. This vibrancy is emphasised further in the chorus at around the 2:30 mark. It uses an increased drum pace to underscore the climax even further. I like how the track allows itself space to evolve, grow, and change as the piece goes on. It keeps the song sounding fresh long after the first listen. The synths also work almost like a harmony to the lead vocal, providing support by underscoring their tones.

The charisma of the vocal performance transcends language. Even though I can't speak Finnish, there is a clear sense of passion and connection with the other melodic components. The track immerses you in its bright, energetic, ethereal energy through its confidence, charisma, and cohesion of the vocal performance.

This track's undeniable positive vibes and Europop power won me over. We can all do with a little more synth-pop spectacle and pure positivity. This track provides both in spades.


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