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Months and Months Review

Months and Months by John Conlin is a throwback to the pop anthems of the early 2010s that combines a heavy theme with an energetic and fun delivery, injecting vibrancy into the complex lyrics and depth to the instrumental. John’s personality comes through in the lyrics and delivery of this one. That charisma gives Months and Months its edge.

The vocals hit home right from the start, setting the tone with an articulate exploration of moving on from an ex. The emotions spill over in the delivery, even at the slower pace the track starts at. Conlin’s delivery feels equally at home at the highs and lows of the song, both in terms of the emotional range and energy. At points, the quieter moments allow us to see a more delicate and introspective angle on the melody. Conlin’s delivery in these moments feels just as at home as in the louder, more energetic moments. That diversity in performance suggests a connection with the lyrics. He can adjust his performance perfectly, in tandem with the energy of the lyrics and instrumental.

The instrumental begins with this ethereal synth and builds energy with a range of synths that layer on top of it, creating a wave of sound that washes over the listener. The additional layers of synths expand on the melody with a rich array of different timbres and textures, from soft and ethereal to deep and crunchy.

The second verse is my favourite section. I love how the instrumental reacts to the narrative changes. It takes a heavier turn into the darker parts of the melody to reflect the change in the tone of the narrative. It’s great that the different musical components work together so cohesively. It’s that connected emotional articulation that allows Conlin’s charisma to take centre stage and consequently makes the song more than the sum of its parts.


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