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My Rolex Is Better Than Yours Review

My Rolex Is Better Than Yours by BLINDNESS & LIGHT is an experimental alternative pop-rock banger with psychedelic elements that define modern consumerist culture through a single interaction. Through an argument over which luxury watch is better, we see a microcosm of our brand-defined culture that values how much money you can generate over anything else.

The song opens with this sharp and discordant sting. It creates a sense of fear by producing a sound that feels like an alarm. The regular rhythm and shrill timbre construct a feeling of panic. As the song builds, new strings come in. They build up the melody through layers of intertwining patterns that wash over you. They create tension through their tonal contrast to each other.

The robot voice-over throughout the song mirrors our societal devaluation of individuality. The idea that people are comparing their brand devotion to a soulless corporate entity that doesn’t care about them feels robotic thematically. That kind of sonic and thematic cohesion is impressive. It reminds me of Fitter Happier by Radiohead in its deadpan robot delivery and complex musical atmosphere behind it.

The use of definitions to open out the track is also brilliant. Defining words like “egotist” not only sets the tone for the tracks’ themes but also introduces us to them in a similarly robotic way, sticking to rigid definitions.

As the track builds, the drum beat evolves from futuristic, light, and ethereal drum machines to traditional drums. I love this switch to more traditional instrumentation. It feels as if the robotic facade is falling, revealing the vulnerability and insecurity of the people hiding behind them, defined by brands and logos. This part feels like an evolution of the piece’s energy while also building on the themes naturally.

My Rolex Is Better Than Yours doesn’t pull any punches. I’m impressed with its ability to cut through and comment on modern culture with a simple yet engaging to listen to sonic palette.


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