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Mylo Forever Review

Redeemz’ Mylo Forever is a dream pop album showcasing his deep passion and understanding of the genre and the creation of music. It exudes charisma from start to finish. Through the album’s highs and lows, Redeemz’s personality comes through in the subtleties of the instrumentation, as well as the vocal performance. So much is said without words. I think the lack of lyrics helps some tracks feel universal, connecting to people on an emotional level beyond language.

The first track, Nightchaser, sets the tone for the album with anthemic energy, utilising lots of high-register instruments and a very shiny, bright timbre. Together, these aspects inspire a sense of awe, preparing us for the tracks to come and building an exciting melody in its own right. I love how the vocals work with the synths as the song goes. They support each other in the mix excellently.

Alone Aren’t We All changes the energy significantly. It has a tragic and uncomfortable edge, created by the wailing strings and their partial discordance with the piano part below them. You can almost feel the track writhing in the loneliness at its thematic core.

The following tracks follow the pattern of sadness and discordance, defining the middle of the album with this sound. This sound reaches its pinnacle with the track Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt, a track that reminded me, thematically, of Fitter Happier by Radiohead. The numbness created by the low synths matches this sense of feeling good by not feeling anything.

As the album goes, tracks like Moon Tune captures that awe-inspiring joy of the early songs again, taking the album out of the dark tone and injecting a genuine sense of positivity. Although some moments towards the end are underscored by melancholic vocal trills, the overall energy feels optimistic. The final track, Universal, contains elements of the positive and tragic aspects of the album, combining pace and light with melancholy through the use of the strings and their interaction with the synths.

Mylo Forever transcends many tonal points, utilising its dream pop roots to tell stories without words.


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