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Never Give Up Review

Never Give Up, by ART MORRIS is a beautiful ballad about the importance of staying strong and grateful through life’s challenges. It accomplishes this through a crunchy and distorted rock-pop lens that feels honest throughout the highs and lows of the delivery.

The vocals provide an emotional through line that immerses us in the tone from the get-go. ART MORRIS’ delivery conveys a sense of genuine candour through its subtleties. This choice makes the track feel effortless, more like a conversation or a train of thought than a song. The connection feels so natural that the emotional openness blends into the composition. However, that ineffable rawness connects you with the piece.

Thematically, the track felt like an anthem about the importance of living in the moment and not letting past challenges tie you down. The line “You don't wanna look back… and say I could’ve done that” helps to capture that sentiment of the present being more meaningful than the past in the grand scheme of things. The track also feels like a love letter to Morris’ late wife. It manages to lyrically explore her life and impact on him while keeping the tone positive and grateful, focusing on all the transformative things she brought out of him and her impact on the world. This idea represents one of the best perspectives on losing someone I have seen in music. I hope its influence reaches other people who are also going through difficult situations in life. I love moments like this in music that provide catharsis for the creator and also help the listener.

It's the clear and distinct message of the lyricism and the openness of the delivery that caught my attention with this song. Morris’ beautiful world perspective and personality shine through from beginning to end, elevating it beyond the sum of its parts.


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