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New York's Been Good To Me Review

New York's Been Good To Me by CHARLIE DIAMOND is a stripped-back and modern exploration of trying to make it in New York City. It has this mix of awe at the city and melancholy about their place within it.

The track is a recording of a live performance. This sonic choice is inspired as it grounds the song within its narrative. The concept of an artist trying to make it feels tonally connected to the rough and ready production of the track, making the song even more immersive within Diamond’s world.

The vocals have an American bluegrass draw that feels comfortable and familiar but allows the introspective and melancholic aspects of the track to thrive in the subtle edges of the performance. Diamond’s cadence and the overall timbre remind me of Leonard Cohen. I appreciate Diamond’s modern perspective on his sound, taking that energy forward and interpreting it in a way that feels true to him. The conviction in Diamond’s vocals also helps to immerse us in the storytelling of the track. The flow is also incredibly smooth. His delivery meanders in a way that feels almost like spoken word, emphasising the lyrics while maintaining a melodic component.

The guitar playing establishes the rhythm and melody in one. It adds structure to the track and allows for ebbs and flows within the composition. It's impressive how Diamond can provide such highs and lows of energy with only his vocal performance and two instruments.

Diamond's use of the harmonica further connects him to Cohen’s sound and allows for moments of contemplation within the composition. These sections, without lyrics, give us space to process the narrative and reflect in the same way that Diamond does in the song.

New York's Been Good To Me is a mindful piece that uses every aspect of its composition to immerse you further within its world. Diamond’s articulate lyricism and creative composition are on show from start to finish. I’m excited to see what he does next.


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