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Nous ne sommes pas au monde

Nous ne sommes pas au monde by THE OTHER COLORS is an electronic EP with an enigmatic eighties, synth-pop steeze that covers the theme of chaotic modern life and the paranoia and anxiety that can come from it.

The first song's title roughly translates to “We are not in the world." It unravels the existential horror of dissociation that people often feel in our overwhelming day-to-day environment. Opening immediately with these layers of alien and discordant synths, the track drops the listener into the deep end instantly, immersing them in a sense of confusion. This is compounded by the seething low hum in the track’s mix. While adding a sonic constant and enriching the tonal diversity of the sound, the slow, melodic rise of the hum adds further tension, as if the song is building towards something.

The vocals have this emotionally enigmatic quality to them. Their tone shows just enough emotion to keep the listener guessing while not giving away enough to expose the true feeling of the track. Ranging from curious and admiring to aggressive and sinister, the energy of the vocals shifts throughout, gripping the listener in the psychedelic confusion of the song.

The second track, titled Les arbres ont des yeux, translates to "The Trees Have Eyes". This song moves the EP, thematically, away from dissociation towards pure paranoia and fear. Starting with this gorgeously blown-out and distorted guitar part, the song immediately gets your heart racing. The repetitive nature of the riff it uses also helps the guitar feel like this unstoppable force, aided by the subtle drumming, that provides the rhythmic foundation in this section. The heavy and distorted guitar is contrasted with the subtle vocals. With a quiet, whispering delivery, they not only provide juxtaposition but also help to create a sense that we’re being watched. It is as if the vocalist is whispering to avoid the attention of the trees. This connection between the song thematically and the delivery is what really elevates this track. Although both were amazing, this one is definitely my favourite of the two, because of that power, thematic consistency, and contrast.

Overall, this is a strong and uncompromisingly creative EP that explores its themes thoroughly through excellent instrumentation and bold delivery.


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