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Our Love Is Music Review

Our Love Is Music by THE SCREAMING POPE is a collection of electronic tracks that ebb and flow in energy while also providing a cohesive sonic journey. The album has a balance between vocals and electronic instrumentals.

In the first track, Our Love Is Music, the delivery comes in quite late, allowing time for the instrumental to build up this brilliant rhythm and guitar melody. Later, when the vocals come in, they feel like they build on an already established sound instead of leading it. I think this position for the vocals allows for a more balanced relationship between the instrumental and delivery than present on other electronic tracks. It gives the song a laid-back feel and lets the lyrics wash over you.

Home Again is another standout track. It utilises psychedelic synths and a more tense vocal delivery to build an enigmatic vibe with an ambiguous tone. This effect is one of the advantages of its balance between its sonic palette and vocals. Their level of cohesion allows for subtle emotional trills to feel meaningful as the piece moves together instead of only the delivery or instrumental reacting to a tonal change.

Supernatural has this depth created by these low register synths with a confident bass kick that diversifies the sonic palette and contrasts the gentle, high register of the vocal performance. It is unusual to hear an electronic track with a deep bass kick and a languid pace, but this track makes that unlikely combination feel natural.

The syncopated drumming and complex guitar plucking on Fly With Me give the track this conversational tone as if the drums are speaking to the guitar. When the vocals come in, they become a part of that relationship, interacting with both beautifully.

It is rare to see an electronic album with such restraint. I’m impressed by the diversity of the instrumental. The album plays with its pace and intensity. This experimentation allows subtle intricacies to become the centre of attention. I appreciate its unique perspective.


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