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Outta my Head Review

Outta my Head by Meat In Space is a bold and gritty garage rock anthem with excellent guitar work, and a grinding, dirty distortion throughout that brings a unique energy.

Beyond the technical expertise of the track, the thing that sells this piece to me is its consistency and commitment to its themes. That commitment brings with it a crazy addictive confidence that elevates the track beyond the conventions of its genre.

The song opens with crushed drums that hiss and pop with a real kick to them, immediately introducing us to the song's signature styling while also building a rhythm for the guitars to flow on top of. The guitars themselves have an unstable-sounding mechanical distortion, panning from ear to ear as if it is stomping through the melody with a boldness only matched by the vocals. As the composition continues, the guitar cadence changes to an even more aggressive and confident tone, bolstered by the intensity of the drumming.

The vocals are a standout feature. With a careless skate-rock steeze, they explore the themes of overthinking and our desperation to escape our own mind. Through the verses, they build tension with slower and more complex lyrics. The slower pace also allows for contrast with the chorus, which has an explosive energy to it. The singer screams “outta my head” over and over with a real sense of authenticity that feels like the climax of the track and a full exploration of the grunge themes the song tackles.

The lyrics themselves feel deeply meaningful. I think the repetition of “Outta my Head” feels as if it captures the complexities of overthinking perfectly. It mimics the cyclical thought loops people can get stuck in. It also felt, to me, as if the lead singer was telling himself to get out of his head over and over again. The building of intensity also emphasises a tremendous frustration that he can’t do it, unable to escape his mind.

This song’s theme runs deep and I love that commitment to both style and substance.


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